Friday, 22 July 2011

Russell and the Wolves // Meddicine // ASSS

Low Culture and Big Spaceship Presents:

Saturday 6th August
Santiago’s, Grand Arcade, Leeds
...Doors 8.00pm

In celebration of the new split EP between ASSS and Meddicine, we present:


Almighty, well you’ll be goddamned. This band are literally the shit! Bluesy filth churned out at speed with a scary front man, what more could you ask for?!/russellandthewolvesband?sk=app_178091127385

Well, we also have:


Describing herself as ‘psychedelic nostalgia dance’, others have called her Grave Wave, we say whatever you’re into. The fact is that Meddicine’s creepy electronic is always chilling and cinematic with hints of Kraut here and there. A one girl Suicide Machine.

and the equally impressive:


Hailing From Portland, Oregon, A S S S deal in minimal and deliciously bleak Electro/post-punk. Their songs emerge like soviet blocks of synths and devolve into howling industrial noise.

Think somewhere between Factory Floor and A Place To Bury Strangers.


Tickets: 4 adv (5 otd)

Jumbo, Crash and WeGotTickets link here:​m/event/126936

Hope to see you there!



words by NLK

Monday, 4 July 2011

Etai Keshiki/ C.A.G./ Sloth Hammer/ Black Mantra

Big Spaceship Presents:

A night of noise, improv and electronic voids....

Etai Keshiki (leeds)
...If you haven't seen this band yet I am jealous. To see Etai for the first time is like washing your face with ice cream and meandering haplessly through a gauntlet of bee hives (but in the most pleasurable way). They say their sound has evolved since their last EP "Etai Or Die" and analogies aside, this band surprise with there ever more visceral and robust sound. A combination of noise, hardcore and sludgey grooves, Etai are able to create and destroy before you even have chance to realise it.

Castrato Attack Group (leeds)
- "Sloth like dumbo rock"
A relatively new band spawned from the harrowing corners of Leeds. A 3-piece centered around an improvised ethos of freaking out on the tapered feedback from your amp, whilst riding the perpetual inertia of sub-bass surf and groove. Having seen their first gig as a three-piece a month or so ago, we quickly snapped these up on the Big Spaceship ride. CAG includes Luke Vollar of Lanterns and Gav Montgomery of Cissy.
No website yet- they're that new!

Sloth Hammer (leeds)
Here, I shall detail a few quotes about Sloth Hammer:
'Horrifically foul, but somehow fulfilling, and certainly entertaining to watch.' - Joe
'Twas a heavy beast. It has a godflesh / khanate vibe. Hideous' - Matthew
If you were to turn Justin Bieber inside out and plug him into a Sunn probably wouldn't do much...other than eternally scar millions of thumb-sucking disney tots, nevertheless you see what I'm getting at. Sloth Hammer portray depravity at its lowest point; blood curdling resonances that can implode minds (metaphorically of course) and distinguish any hopes of getting out alive. Circuit-bent, hell-bent and mind-bending electronic doom featuring members from Diascorium.

Black Mantra (wakefield)
Beyond time and space on a small green moon, The Weed Priest smokes. Sending clouds of madness up to blackened skies. Deep chants resonate on wasted plains of crippled landscapes. Sonic boundaries fall from reality as the call of the ancients ring out. The black winged beast is stirred and takes flight!
Disparate drone from the mind's astral plain (via Wakefield).

Come down for a night of cheap thrills, cheap drinks and dense anomalous cloud-like cosmic matter.

Be inside the Fenton for 7:30 or we shall hunt you down with our far superior weaponry.

£2 in.

For more info on this event and any other Big Spaceship wanderings: