Monday, 12 May 2014


Big Spaceship and Gig Barons Present:

Leeds unrelenting, unrepenting, unresenting noise rockers Blacklisters have been making sounds for a bit now. And every bit of that bit was bloody great.
Having shared the stage with countless amazing bands such as Unsane and Scratch Acid to name just a few, these guys have been around the block and then punched the block in the face and then came back smiling.
Their self-titled album 'BLKLSTRS' has received critical acclaim all over the shop, some have described it as:

"a veritable onslaught of dirty, filthy riffery, showing a complete disregard for health and safety, particularly when it comes to listeners’ eardrums." - Drowned In Sound


"Blacklisters appreciate the vitriolic rage they've unleashed" - The Sludgelord

If you haven't seen Blacklisters before and you in live in Leeds, just slap yourself in the face now. Come and see their widely talked about live shows in the flesh, it is the only way to experience Blacklisters in all their glory.
Along with sore ears, you could also leave with their stunning album BLKLSTRS, on 8oz of black plastic acrylic with a whole in the middle. Nuff said.

Watch their video for 'Clubfoot By Kasabian' here:

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Heavy riff chucking 3-piece from Colchester playing stoner rock like you've never heard it. Dubbed as 'stoner-noir' by the band, it encapsulates dark and sombre story-telling, coupled with humongous grooves and vocals sounding like they've crawled out of Buzz Osbourne's gut.
Their first album has received great praise for its originality and composition. People have likened their sound to Harvey Milk, Melvins, Unsane and Barkmarket. But the river runs deeper with Old Man Lizard.

"Old Man Lizard forge ahead into splendid originality and manage to effortlessly blend the profoundly mellow and the profoundly heavy" - The Sleeping Shaman

Old Man Lizard are planning both UK and European tours this year and with the release of their highly anticipated new album, I am sure they will be greatly received by their euro fans. They've shared stages with Arabrot, Dead Meadow and are booked to share the stage with Dopethrone and Conan this year. 2014 looks like its hotting up for this power-trio.

As far as experimental, dark and industrial noise goes, Rotten turn up the ante live. A one man creation utilizing a melee of gnarly signal chains, keyboards, samples and most of all, distortion. You may know him as the crazed frontman to Yugoslavian Boys or bassist from Carer, but on the 22 june at the Packhorse you will know him as Rotten; an explosion of harsh and thought provoking themes and textures lead along by visceral vocals and keyboard lines sounding as though they were written by an undead Rick Wakeman.

Barely audible swirling, distorted vocals, bass with big amp and distortion, one drums and another one drums. For fans of Zu, Shit and Shine, Godheadsilo am rep etc...

Sunday 22nd June
The Packhorse Pub
£3 adv (available shortly) £5 door