Friday, 26 August 2011

Apple Cannon / Mother Destroyer / Fallen Colossus/ Two Trick Horse @ Royal Park Cellars, Leeds, Saturday 17th Sept

The Big Spaceship blasts off once again, inviting you to climb aboard her, as she weaves her way on an eclectic excursion, aiming only to appease her audiences. Attendees can surely expect auditory amusement aplenty...



Introducing your crew for the voyage; effervescently educating audiences on all things astronomically audible via their Olfactory Organ Oscillators™:

We suggest you contact your Lieutenant ASAP and make him earn his wages. Order him to activate both primary and secondary deflector shields for the duration of this duo's set, because they have their phaser firmly set to 'kill'. A tight, compact unit that threatens to deliver the heat of a thousand suns and instantly vaporise. Frequently firing away on all cylinders, never letting up until the enemy is annihilated... The weapon of choice: the inescapable...

During a previous odyssey, upon passage through the Ursae Majoris system, we witnessed what resembled the violent scenes of a civilisation folding in on itself
, so, naturally, we investigated. It turns out it was a trio of outlaw assassins casually obliterating a whole planet as the sole means of feeding their insatiable cosmic hunger. Hunting down and devouring every last mote of matter they encounter, their bloodlust has brought them here and they are accountable to nobody. They are: the invincible...

Best described as the musical manifestation of a particle accelerator, this group of meteoric marauders strike you with such a barrage of pole-shifting frequencies during their set, leaving you wondering if they don't possess supreme command over the spacetime continuum itself. A harmonic supercollider, smashing together infinitesimally minute molecules of music to construct a warsong that brings down the beast - and subsequently exercising the cheek to name themselves after their victim: the indomitable...

Its sound: infinitely pleasing. Its interstellar gallop: never ceasing. Its name: ultimately deceiving. Astrally projecting; star-system policing.
The galactic cavalry, trampling all who attempt to cross its path. We daresay many a criminal has fallen victim to the long arm of its wrath.
Leaving hoofprints the size of the Olympus Mons in its wake; judge, jury and executioner: the formidable...


The boarding charge is a mere four British Pounds Sterling. (Unfortunately, we will not be accepting gold-pressed latinum. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause)

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