Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A couple of Big Spaceship gigs coming up: run,WALK! & Wet Nuns

run,WALK! (Holy Roar)
Noisey hardcore band run,WALK! have been soldiers of the riff for quite sometime and have maintained an experimental and brutal approach to their music since their formation. These guys are no strangers to Leeds but if you have yet to see them play then be sure to check them out.

ANTARES (Holy Roar)
These monsters of physical technicality will warp your fragile mind with their chaotic battery of progressive hardcore from the unfathomable realms of confusion. One sentence. That is all.

Awesome Leeds based 3 piece of the progressive hardcore persuasion, We'll Die Smiling have been around for a while and every now and again releasing an absolute fuckin' gem, never failing to impress with a creative streak that is apparent in many aspects of their music.

No Coast are a relatively new band but have set their standard from the very start. Their music is a cocktail of brutal punk hardcore grind and aggressive as fuck. Only one song available on their facebook page but be sure to give it a listen and make sure you come and see them play.

4th Feb @ Royal Park Cellars, Leeds

£4 otd

Unruly patrons of the mighty lick. Wet Nuns exhibit pure unadulerated raw power. A two-piece from Sheffield that infuse stoner, blues and filthy 70s rock together. Only four words ring out while witnessing WN's and those words are 'rock...', 'the', 'fuck' and 'out'. Don't be a fool.

Humongous space riffage from Liverpool. The energy of a hardcore band with a passion for groove, another hybrid heavy mash-up of filthy styles. AC embrace that part of you, that part of you that fucking screams to get out and headbang like a mother. Listen to him, he has all the answers.

Featuring members of various Leeds bands (past and present) such as Black Moth and Jon Jones and The Beatniks Movement. The eccentric hard rock of M/D has a habit to enthrall and bemuse all at once. Entertaining to say the least, M/D are part of a new wave of Leeds bands sure to do well in the not too distant future. Fuck yeah.

Hailing from North Wales, a bunch of lads who beat the shit out of your pop sensibilities (if you have any). How can something so heavy be so catchy? Falls will show you. Proggy, funked up menageries of fuzzy twang bang bang diddly boom songs. A surefire way to pump up those cold shriveled up vessels of yours.

Four nuggets to get in.

10th February @ Santiago's Bar, Leeds.

For any inquiries about either gig, email us on bigspaceship@hotmail.co.uk


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