Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hey folks, been a long time been a long time been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time, BUT we're back now so its fine.
We are lucky this year to be collaborating with the lovely lot at WOOLGATHER art collective for their opening and closing nights to their art prize competition/exhibition. In case you're wondering what the Woolgathering people are about, feel free to visit their site. In a nut shell, they are a creative, hard working bunch of absolute nutcases who graduated from Leeds Met 2 years ago and have been plugging away at their forever expanding collective of artists since then. I was there at the last years one and had an awesome time. If you start saying 'Oh, well I don't know much about art and I always feel undermined intellectually whenever I even mention the word art' ... don't fret, this is a 'for the people, by the people' affair in that YOU decide who wins and thus YOU make your own opinions about the work on show down there Plus, they'll be plenty of drinks, performances and music to sink your teeth into as well. All the more reason to head down!
So, what will we be doing? Well I'll tell you. This year, Big Spaceship will be booking the bands and supplying both evenings with lush and wonderful sounds that will massage your earholes to the peak of auditory ecstasy. So, if you want to come down to sample the visual delights and be surprised by the musical ones or vice versa... I urge you to come down to what used to be the LOFT in Leeds Town Centre near the Bus Station on Friday 11 May and Friday 1 June. For details of the venue and how to get there visit here. Oh and one more thing, it is FREE!

So, here is the list of musical acts over the two days:

Music begins at 19:00 in the main bar room upstairs. Be sure to see a bit of performance art between acts as well. Delightful.

Kog Moorcroft
Psychedelic infused Bluesy folk with an edge, delivered with an emotional honesty and intensity.
Hayden Cohen
Hayden is a totally committed, positive performer… It is this sense of purpose – that with effort we can in some way change our lives and ourselves that wins the audience over to Hayden’s side.
For fans of Smog, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Mountain Goats, Bosque Brown, Daniel Johnston
Emmott and his Folkestra
Emmott & The Folkestra are a seven-piece modern folk band playing a mixture of original modern folk songs and covers that they have put their own stamp on to produce a strong mix of rousing stompers and heartfelt ballads.
The Feelies
Indie Pop a la Grandaddy, Eels and Beck.

A louder and more party fueled night of dirty rock n roll vibes!

Lumbering, riff laden noise from Leeds. Grooves galore, songs to make your pelvis grind and your head nod, in a kind of alternating unison making you look stupid in the process.
Bearfoot Beware
Intelligent and eccentric math pop rock band from Leeds. Cleverly crafted songs with an idiosyncratic script.
70's heavy rock from Nottingham a la Kyuss, Orange Goblin and Dozer. Sleazy, greazy and all out fricking groovy. Widows will transport you to the searing plains of the Nevada desert and leave you there to bask in the gloriously scorched sun.
Buffalo Bones
Hairy, calcium efficient 3-piece rock band from Leeds. Think Eagles of Death Metal with slightly less pelvic thrusts (only slightly). Enigmatic performers and full of energy, very exciting act made to impress. Sexy music for those potentially awkward moments in your life.

And don't forget it is FREE to get in!!!

Also, it is important to note that this event is primarily for zee ART so make sure you check all or at least some of it out. A large number of very inspiring work from all over the country is being showcased and you won't get any more exclusive than to see it at this show! Expand your palates and your minds eyes. Bring your friends, family or just random people off the street. Its there to be enjoyed!

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