Monday, 30 July 2012


Come gather round children and witness the day of the holy Sabbat. We here at the Big Spaceship sect are very proud to present a juicy night of psychedelic doom-vibes.

Make sure you have acquired the relevant talismans for this daemonic group of heathens, for you will need every kind of protection (especially ear) against the evil forces emanating from the sound of this band. It is Limb's first time out of their lairs into the northern promised land of Leeds and they surely must be preparing well to meet the demands of Leeds' ghastly gig goers.
Limb hail from London and play dirgey sludge ridden doom for fans of Weedeater, Acid King and Electric Wizard.
Download their demo for free here:

With recent release 'The Killing Jar' under their huge buckled belts, BM are surely on form of late. With the aid of Jim Sclavunos (Grinderman, Bad Seeds) in the studio, the mothlodytes have produced an exquisite example of stoner psych/doom for all music lovers to sink their teeth(s) into. Last time the Moth party crashed Leeds was at their album launch back in May and wasn't it a night to remember? Who knows what they may have in store this time round.
For fans of Blood Ceremony, Blue Cheer, Pentagram.

'The Killing Jar' is available through New Heavy Sounds now, get it while its still available!

Penetrating this line up are east london doom slingers Throne. Injuring your ears whilst caressing your inner thigh, their music will hurt and then reassure the listener in the space of two notes. Like the first time you heard the third hammered note on Black Sabbath, a shuddering simple quality to doom that we all friggin' obsess over. Over the years they have played with the likes of Ancient VVisdom, Serpent Venom, Astrohenge and played shows such as the monstrous Desert Fest. They have slain the virgin, summoned the Goat of Mendes and now Saturn is nearly aligned. The time has never been better for this band to release their stoner doom vibes onto the Big Spaceship audience.
For fans of The Obsessed, Goatsnake, St Vitus.

Our very own Big Spaceship DJ's will be there all night playing a heady mix of stoner, psych, doom, 70s proto metal, garage and heavy rock.

Get this in your calendar folks, this is gonna be a blinder.
Plus, it's FREEEEE!!!!!


the Big Spaceship cult

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