Monday, 18 March 2013



A rare collaboration with Big Spaceship and The Gig Barons...

We bring you noise in the form of:

5-piece improv noise rock from Newcastle. Waheela emit a sound not unlike the stony cataclysmic void ensuing from a distant asteroid field. Beyond the physical boundaries there lies a faint but hectic echo of clattering events, flurries of frequencies and mind shattering consequences. Waheela take you inward to the chasms of your mind through feedback, psych drones and razor sharp wails.
If you like Krautrock combined with heavier tones, electronics and screamed vocals Waheela are for you.

Check out their soundcloud for loads of sweet live recordings and stuff:

Supported by ...

Noise Rock 3-piece from Leeds. Bass. Drums. Voice.
Get the EP here:

+ HIS HUMAN TORSO (cardiff)
“His Naked Torso isa outpour of stutter, awkwards and confuspeak. A theatre of da absurd. Relish in harsh tonals, dumb-dumb strateg, meatflesh, da internet pervers, yet celebrat just howa doo-doo up and bombad weesa real is. Afrikaans isa restless and staccato, punctuat with sound collage and far reach, disturb and ultimata, maxibig of funny-funny. Post coital guilt, which one da yousa internal voices to trust and da idea of mortality from da perspective of a gnat.”

At the Wharf Chambers

£4 in

Doors 19:30

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