Monday, 18 March 2013


 photo 72029f64-d1ba-45ed-b889-7f8b3eadf369_zpsc5967680.jpg‘Welsh power trio’ isn’t the sort of phrase you get to break out often, but it’s what you’re gettin’. ‘Never Turn Your Back On A Friend’ by Budgie is in my latest slab of purchases and delivers the sort of 70’s hard rock you want and expect from the classic guitar/bass/drums combo of that time. Geddy Lee style high vocals laid over straight weighty groove, interspersed with proggy tangents and clean haunting passages. The first and last tracks say it all:‘Breadfan’ and ‘Parents’ couldn't be more opposite on this album and yet fit perfectly within it’s all part of the journey. "

WORDS: Lee Jones: Space Truckin' DJ // Wax Bar Co Owner

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