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Big Spaceship & Low Culture Presents…

Saturday 4th June @ Santiago’s, Leeds

Big Spaceship, Low Culture and Godisdad have joined forces in an effort to blow your face clean off!

A day of savage riff worshiping bands displaying all forms of brutality that will lacerate you mental den and leave you bleeding from every orifice while still begging for more. If loud, heavy and reasonable priced is your kind of deal then this is the event for you.

Throughout the day we will be showcasing 8 bands followed by a DJ set from Milky boy Matt Reid (Hawk Eyes) as well has black metal face painting and homemade confectionery in the form of death metal cupcakes.

Please note: due to the limited capacity of Santiagos we will be using a ‘one in one out’ policy later on in the day.

Tickets a bargainous £5 adv, £6 on the door.

Available from Jumbo records (leeds) and Crash records (leeds) or from We Got Tickets


Blast Off @ 2:30

HEY COLOSSUS (riot season)
The headliners of the day will be traveling to Leeds for the first time in light years to grace the stage with their monolithic evil drone. Hey Colossus are not your average doom band, they seem to have re-crafted the genre into the darkest psychedelic sound art you could possibly imagine, Ostracised from structure and form, but. If you listen carefully beneath the saturated malice of their music you will find a groove that will leave you rocking backwards and forwards in a puddle of your own piss.

listen to Hey Colossus here

BLACK MASS (holy roar!)
In 1983 Thrash Metal jumped in to a Delorian, travelled to the future, combined the best of extreame music from both times and created Black Mass. This four-headed bastard child of Metal is everything that Grind/Hardcore should be! Chaotic shouting vocals, hard hitting blast beats with riffs and beat downs a plenty. These guys have the aggression of Slayer and the party vibes of Municipal Waste, if you think you can handle that, I am sure they would like to see you try.

listen to Black Mass here

If you ever have a party then you should definitely hire these guys to play. Their cocktail of hip-hop breaks, mental vocals, electronic madness and possibly the phattest bass guitar you’ve ever heard, sounds like the residents of a mental asylum who have been let loose in a Whacky Warehouse armed with synthesised explosives and a dosage of mind altering narcotics that could kill a mule. Castrovalva’s unique musical battery will keep you dancing for a week.

listen to Castrovalva here

ANTARES (holy roar!)
In order to comprehend this band, one must posses the mental composition of an astral being; these guys could bench press the solar system with their fingertips while completing algebra equations with their guitars. “I’ve heard this fiddly fret wanking before” I hear you cry. Bullshit! I guaran-damn-tee you haven’t witnessed technical ability being executed like this. Antares will rock your tits off and scatty vocalist Steve Watts will make damn sure you get involved.

listen to Antares here

Wizards Beard have just released their debut album on PsycheDOOMelic appropriately entitled ‘Pure Filth’, which just so happens to be the only way to describe this band; Pure in a sense that their music remains uncontaminated by the usual swill you find in Metal these days and Filth in every sense of the word, like you just got brutally fuct in every hole by the arch angel of doom and shamelessly loved every minute of it. If you are unsure of the meaning of Riff, then make sure you come down and see Wizards Beard showing you how its done.

listen to Wizards Beard here

There is no roll here, just rock n riff. You will be inevitably sucked into their fierce groove and cosmic intensity, and without realising it you will find yourselves amidst a crowed of drones nodding along in unison to the cannons beat. The unanimity of this friendly scouse two-piece is not to be questioned as they bestow you with an energetic performance of tailored riffage and inexorable stoner groove.

listen to Apple Cannon here

The solidarity of this band is contagious. Etai Keshiki will terrorise you in utterly unfathomable ways, leaving the words ‘Etai or Die’ etched into the back of your mind. These guys care not of your judgement or approval, you will simply be presented with a ghastly display of power and seismic waves of pandemonium that reach deep into your conscience an remove anything that doesn’t need to be there.

listen to Etai Keshiki here

If you haven’t already witnessed the splendour of this fine new band of riff merchants then make sure you get down early. Mother/Destroyer have recently pounced upon the city of Leeds without warning to give a swift dosage of freshness. Its difficult to pin these guys down they kinda have everything you needs. Riff, groove, funk, good vibes it’s all there. Mother/Destroyer will be the perfect unit to cut the ribbon and open the gates on Brutal Day Out.

listen to Mother/Destroyer here


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