Thursday, 26 May 2011

ENJOY a Bundle of Measures

ENJOY art space are holding a night of experimental electronic vibrations with multi-talented artist Grischa Lichtenberger (GER). With additional support from gadget virtuoso SKEKSI, Ed Vector and ENJOY's own Rian Trebner.

The guys at ENJOY seriously know what they are doing. Their events in the past have spanned broad horizons in genre and medium. They seem to kindly educate the Leeds' populous about immensely intriguing areas in art without boasting elite attitudes, that a lot of the Avant-Garde and more experimental pockets within the art-world can purvey... which scares people off (I have had firsthand experience myself in the past). This liberal, 'it is what it is', approach strikes numerous chords with myself and their honest and inspiring outlook does nothing but enthuse my own personal interest of art and its surrounding niches. ENJOY has been run now since Rian and Kayleigh founded it at the end of their degrees about a year or so ago. Though youthful, the essence of ENJOY stands tall and proud with enough wisdom to challenge touting superiors atop of the exclusive contemporary art fortress. ENJOY bring art back to the people which I personally honour.

Keep your ear firmly pressed to the ground for future events at ENJOY.

Click here to visit ENJOY's homepage

The BIG SPACESHIP recommends this event... get yourselves down for some cheap beer and wine and some mind expanding, circuit bending electronic hullabaloo. Expect to meet some wonderfully interesting people in a relaxed environment and enrich your mind palette with some more unfamiliar colours. Colours out of space!


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