Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Etai Keshiki to play with Pyramidion, Vom + Castrato Attack Group

Great gig coming up at Leeds venue Fenton on 29th May. The gig includes Leeds' noisey punks, Etai Keshiki along with Pyramidion (Glasgow), Vom (Glasgow) and Castrato Attack Group (or CAG).

Etai Keshiki invoke terrors on stage unimaginable to some, especially if you've met them before. They are such a pleasant bunch of individuals, one has to take a step back when witnessing their sensory attacking live performances. A mixture of modded stomp boxes, circuit bent pedals and bespoke electronic devices, Etai conjure a kind of nihilistic macabre that haunts the inner psyche for times to come.

Etai support Scottish jam-psych rockers Pyramidion, ex-members of Moon Unit, Cheer and Old Boy Boom. Listening to their music for the first time the other day, I hear remnants of Hawkwind, Can and, from more modern territory, Carlton Melton. They harbour hypnotic progressions that drag your subconscious mind along a trail of twisted subterranean landscapes, avoiding predictability and the staleness of some 'jam' bands that have attempted similar ideas in the past. An interesting approach to an ethos of composition I very much appreciate and adore.

Another Scottish group travel down with Pyramidion, glamorously entitled: Vom. These guys have a doomy quality to their music that doesn't quite 'feel' like doom, it's almost like if one was to take a balloon representing Doom, and give it to a clown, let him twist it into a shape and call it a 'Vom'. The repetitive quality does make me moist however, and combining this with the fiercely low bulge of the bass guitar and visceral surf guitar warblings I envisage it makes for an interesting live realisation.

CAG (Castrato Attack Group) have been described as a "Dumber than a sack of hammers", a "caveman ugh duo" and "dunderhead grunt band from Leeds". Other than that, I've not been able to find a morsel of music ( doesnt seem to like my prodding). I dare say that I am intrigued though...

So, get down to this feast of Jam/ Psych/ Doom/ Noise and whatever gig. Cause let's face it, what better things have you got to do? Nothing! That's what...


ETAI KESHIKI - download 'ETAI OR DIE' here



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