Sunday, 22 May 2011

Runaround Kids to play with Toyger + Bravestation (US)

Wakefield's own alt rockers RUNAROUND KIDS (Philophobia Music) play host to a selection of bright mathy goodness @ The Well tomorrow night. The night, put on by Low Culture, will provide the perfect antidote to your weary Monday blues. Put a refreshing taste back in your furry mouths and wash away the weekends stains with a dose of cheery medicine under the guise of these fresh-faced post-grungers. Think Dinosaur Jr minus the apathy.

Listen to RUNAROUND KIDS on Soundcloud

TOYGER present airy arpeggiated passages which progress into carefully augmented phrases of chords. Team this up with the glossy quality to their melodies present in the vocal lines, a satisfying equation emerges that teases one's earholes. There also lies a certain unpredictability in their music which is refreshing. I'm no expert on this kind of music and personally, I've become frequently bored in the past. But Toyger fulfill and surprise, and when a pop band can throw in a sporadic blast beat in here and there, who can complain?
Recommended track "Sucker Fish".

Listen to TOYGER on Myspace

A white wash of delay, vintage spring reverb, tropical twangs, pocket calculator synths and the ghost of Michael Hutchins... put em altogether and you get half an idea of what BRAVESTATION (US) make me think of. Dreamy and hypnotic, their recordings are definitely worth a listen. I become slightly weak in the knees when subjected to lush FX present on songs like "White Wolves". I'm a sucker for it what can I say... Go and check em out.

Listen to BRAVESTATION on Myspace

There is also a tasty Talking Heads cover by BRAVESTATION available here:
This Must Be The Place MP3

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