Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Big Spaceship Presents: Tree of Sores/Diet Pills/Fallen Colossus/Magnapinna

Big Spaceship Presents...


@ The Fenton, Leeds, 17 June

Big Spaceship presents three of Leeds finest up and coming bands, all of which are relatively new but exciting in every sense of the word. The line up also includes Leicester filth mongers DIET PILLS...

TREE OF SORES (Witch Hunter Records)
A refined blend of prog, drone, ambient and experimental doom that is guaranteed to have a lasting effect on your perception of heavy. Here exists cosmic forces on an inward level, TOS's funeral march will send the mind through terrifying realms of macabre.

DIET PILLS (Force Fed Records)
To endure Diet Pills one has to withdraw the senses momentarily and let shuddering cacophonies of doom and debauched sludgery melt the surface of your body(s). Leaving you in a twitching pool of your own formless matter.

These guys bring a new element of prog with cosmic riffs and catchy hooks, these mighty craftsmen are not to be missed. Witness the giant being released and then brought down by the thundering roar of this band's war song.

Rich metallic twang, algorithmic beats and hypnotic bass all emanate as a collection of inertial throbs. Magnapinna present a genius display of mathy structures and interwoven, disjointed hooks. An alien-like composition and tendencies toward big beat jazz, you'll feel your leg tapping, but you won't know why. Don't fight it though.

First band at 8:00

300p door

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