Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Richard Parker + The Party Program + Shields + Magnapinna @ The Well, Leeds

Instrumental astral wanderings of local lads Richard Parker can be experienced at the Well tonight with 2 other awesome Leeds bands and Party Program from Scotland.

Big Spaceship took the time to listen to Richard Parker's self-tiled EP a few weeks ago and was very much intrigued. The subtle aether that surrounds this offering is evident in the cerebral expanse of this EP. It treats the listener to a lush spatial feel that expands toward euphoric washes of speedy picked lead guitar, soaked in so much reverb it sounds almost like a glissandi string section amid a cinematic orchestral arrangement. An innocence echoes inside the interwoven harmonic registry between the arpeggios and swirling lead parts of the guitars. Reminiscent of such post rock gods as Mogwai, Sigor Ros and the rich sensuous undulations of Mono, RP invoke nostalgia you didn't think was present before you had bore witness to this EP. Dynamically, this EP takes you on a journey through serene lands alien to human presence... This record gently inebriates, exhilarates and tingles the senses... sit back, close your tired eyes and melt into your chair to the surging contrapuntal soundscapes of Richard Parker.
The first date of the brazenly named 'The Dick Party Tour' with THE PARTY PROGRAM begins tonight.

Download RICHARD PARKER's EP here:



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