Thursday, 2 June 2011

Big Spaceship Presents: Pyramido/Beards/More Than A Joke/Curbcrawl/Magpyes

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Big Spaceship Presents:

Indelible barbarians hailing from the European capitol of doom. They have put down their axes and chalices to treat UK to a slice of their apocalyptic waves. They seamlessly blend numerous metal genres within their music; from doom, crust and sludge and all other connotations associated with these ever-increasing terms. Their latest album "Salt" is being released on Total Rust Records to name but one of their various label outputs...

Leeds' finest contrapuntal, interdimensionally challenging group shine a light on this night of doom to enrich listeners with more colourful collection of sound-waves. Compound time signatures aplenty, super weird harmonies and thick tonal textures, Beards shall boggle and discombobulate your peripheries and stretch your imaginations to oblivion.
Beards formed in Leeds in 2007 and have toured the UK & Europe several times. Their first album Brick by Boulder is out on Ouse.

This band employ more than enough noise, more than enough energy and more than enough speed to make you leave with your ears oozing generic matter. Listening to their album "Trojan Whores" for the first time the other week, it has left me very much looking forward to a display of experimentally driven hardcore and whateverthefuckyouwannacallit-core on the night. Think of a no-nonsense Melt Banana and you're probably no where near...!/morethanajoke?sk=info

Incredibly gnarly grind-core from Leeds. Deploy your emotions at the door and vacate the premises re-programmed to kill. I hear remnants of black and death metal within their debauched undulating passages. Unearthly guttural vocals, penetrating riffage and incessantly pounding blast beats and breakdowns; a lot to fit into just over a minute's worth of music.!/pages/Curb-Crawl/108683419163239?sk=app_178091127385

Onslaught, aggression, assailment, assault, blitz, charge, incursion, invasion, offensive. Magpyes offer all this with a kind helping of pleasantry. Insanely heavy Death/ Grind band from Leeds/ Southport. Not to be missed!!/Magpyes?sk=app_2405167945

Check out this hilarious video for the song "Mother Ruin" here:

Doors 19:30

First band 20:00



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