Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Holy Roar Summer Sampler 2011

Scouring the Holy Roar website and found this:

Download full 22-track Sampler HERE: http://holyroarrecords.com/album.php?id=965

Track Listing:
1. Rosa Valle - Mathemagician
2. Slabdragger - Erroneous Maximus
3. Witch Cult - Burn
4. The Ergon Carousel - Dead Banks
5. Self Loathing - Cut
6. Crossbreaker - Time Is Making Fools of Us
7. Rolo Tomassi - ...And Then The Mannequin Spoke
8. Antares - to youth and valour
9. Pariso - The Recluse
10. Kerouac - Fiends
11. Make Do And Mend - Nights The Only Time of Day
12. Grazes - Observers Paradox
13. Jackals - Mob Mentality
14. End Reign - Abyss
15. Eisberg - Salt In The Wound
16. Brutality Will Prevail - Heavy Eyes
17. Daggers - Axes
18. Brontide - Jura
19. Gallops - Eukodol
20. Hang The Bastard - The Great Devourer
21. Abolition - Shadow
22. Cthulhu Youth - Free Music For Poor Punx

For fans of upcoming bands in math, hardcore and brutality... this label is for you

Check it out!

The album features Rolo Tomassi, Slabdragger, Gallops and Leeds based Antares (who played Brutal Day Out no.1). The label also features Black Mass and We'll Die Smiling who also hail from Leeds. Keep your ears firmly to the ground for this one!

Big Spaceship will be hosting a few Holy Roar bands in AUG.

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